2020-21 CAS Award Recipients

On February 24, 2021 we took some time to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of faculty and staff at the College of Agricultural Sciences’ Faculty and Staff Awards Ceremony.

Agricultural Research Foundation Distinguished Faculty Award

  • David Myrold, Crop and Soil Science

Agricultural Research Foundation Faculty Research Assistant Award

  • Kim Nelson, Fisheries and Wildlife
  • Zuzana Vejlupkova, Botany and Plant Pathology

Briskey Award for Excellence

  • Vaughn Walton, Horticulture

College of Agricultural Sciences Award for Excellence in Extension Education

  • Andony Melathopoulos, Horticulture

College of Agricultural Sciences Classified Employee and Professional Faculty Award

  • Jim Ervin, OSU Greenhouses
  • Kevin Pompe, Crop and Soil Science
  • Sue Queisser, Food Science and Technology
  • Jackie Thorsness, AMBC

College of Agricultural Sciences Diversity Commitment Award

  • Ivan Arismendi, Fisheries and Wildlife
  • Deanna Lloyd, Horticulture/Crop and Soil Science/Sustainability
  • Chelsea Newbold, Botany and Plant Pathology
  • Ricardo Mata-González, CAS Administration/Animal and Rangeland Sciences

F.E. Price/Agricultural Research Foundation Award for Excellence in Research

  • Jeffrey Chang, Botany and Plant Pathology

F.E. Price/Agricultural Research Foundation Award for Excellence in Student Advising and Counseling

  • Marc Curtis, Botany and Plant Pathology

James and Mildred Oldfield/E.R. Jackman Team Awards


  • Sheri Cole, Food Science and Technology
  • Chris Curtin, Food Science and Technology
  • David Dallas, Nutrition
  • Hadi Eshpari, Food Science and Technology
  • Robin Frojen, Food Science and Technology
  • Juyun Lim, Food Science and Technology
  • Si Hong Park, Food Science and Technology
  • Michael Qian, Food Science and Technology
  • Nadia Streletskaya, Applied Economics
  • Joy Waite-Cusic, Food Science and Technology

COVID Wastewater Project Team

  • Jennifer Allen, Fisheries and Wildlife
  • Tiffany Garcia, Fisheries and Wildlife
  • Savanah Leidholt, Microbiology
  • Taal Levi, Fisheries and Wildlife
  • Adriana Messyasz, Microbiology
  • Rebecca Vega Thurber, Microbiology

R.M. Wade Award for Excellence in Teaching

  • Kate Lajtha, Crop and Soil Science

Registry of Distinguished Teachers

  • Tiffany Garcia, Fisheries and Wildlife
  • Kate Lajtha, Crop and Soil Science
  • Molly Megraw, Botany and Plant Pathology
  • Elisa Monaco, Animal and Rangeland Sciences

Roy G. Arnold/Agricultural Research Foundation Leadership Award

  • Christina DeWitt, Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station/Food Science and Technology

Savery Outstanding Young Faculty Award

  • Jeff Anderson, Botany and Plant Pathology