F.E. Price/Agricultural Research Foundation Award for Excellence in Research


To recognize outstanding contributions to agriculture through research and development activities associated with the Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station, College of Agricultural Sciences.


The recipient will receive $1,000 and a plaque.


The candidate must be a living person affiliated with an administrative unit in the College of Agricultural Sciences. 


Nominations will be evaluated on the following basis:

  • Research contributions leading to improvement in agricultural production, processing, marketing, distribution, or product safety.
  • Research related to rural development, improved environmental quality, and the improved management and conservation of natural resources (e.g., soil, fisheries, wildlife, and rangelands).


In addition to the base nomination materials required for all awards, nomination packets must also include:

  1. A professional resume.
  2. Position description.
  3. Evidence of successful research program.
  4. At least two letters should come from individuals not employed by the University.


The cash award is provided by the Agricultural Research Foundation.

Registry of Award Winners