Safety Advisory Committee

College Safety and Compliance Contacts

  • Jackie Thorsness, Chief Operating Officer
  • Carrie Burkholder, Regulatory & Safety Compliance Officer

CAS Safety Advisory Committee

The role of the College of Agricultural Sciences Safety Advisory Committee is to ensure that various safety facets are addressed, training is completed and documented, and current information is disseminated to all units in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Oregon Agricultural Experiment Stations.

Committee members and areas of knowledge

  • Selby Boerman - Director of Livestock Operations, Animal & Rangeland Sciences, animal production
  • Dave Bohnert - Director, Eastern Oregon Ag Research Center, animal production, federal compliance
  • Carrie Burkholder - CAS Regulatory & Safety Compliance Officer, CAS Administration
  • Dan Curry - Supervisor, Corvallis Farm Unit, plant production
  • Lydia Graber - Manager, Greenhouse Operations, greenhouse/pesticides
  • Hilary Gunn - Laboratory Technician, Crop & Soil Science, laboratory research and safety
  • Meghan Heineman - Administrative Assistant, CAS Administration
  • Rachel Jones - Student Engagement Coordinator, CAS Academic Programs Office, student safety
  • Dan Kermoyan - Assistant Director, Environmental Health & Safety
  • Pete Loschl - Facilities and Safety Operations Manager, Department of Fisheries, Wildlife & Conservation Sciences, facilities/field work safety
  • Barb Lagerquist - Research Coordinator, Marine Mammal Institute, marine research


For more information regarding the Safety Advisory Committee, please contact Carrie Burkholder at 541-737-5818.

CAS Safety Advisory Committee Minutes