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The mission statement of the national MANRRS organization is: “Promoting academic and professional advancement by empowering minorities in agriculture, natural resources, and related sciences”. The OSU-MANRRS chapter takes part in this mission by supporting and enhancing diversity within our college and surrounding community. We provide mentoring and networking opportunities, connect students to available resources, conduct workshops for professional development to help students define and achieve their goals, provide community service opportunities to promote active citizenship, and support College of Agricultural Sciences (CAS) in meeting its diversity related goals.

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Chapter History

The OSU-MANRRS chapter maintains the tradition of quality, excellence and inclusion and we welcome participation by all dedicated individuals.

The Oregon State University - Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences (OSU-MANRRS) is a chapter of the national MANRRS organization. The OSU-MANRRS chapter has maintained individual membership since 1994, and club membership since 1996. The OSU-MANRRS chapter is a member of the College of Agricultural Sciences (CAS), Agricultural Executive Council and ASOSU Memorial Union Programs. 

Membership is open to all students and includes students representing a variety of colleges. However, CAS representation continues to be the highest with well over half our members seeking degrees from CAS Departments and Programs.

Our chapter is led by an officer team that consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity Manager, Agricultural Executive Council Representative, Community Representative, and Webmaster.  This team meets regularly  to work together in making decisions about and implementing club activities.

Diversifying the Agricultural Space: OSU Minority Society

MANRRS stands for Minorities in Agricultural and Natural Resource-Related Sciences, and is one of the largest and most diverse national non-profit societies. Its 60-plus university chapters in six regions across the country are dedicated to preparing its student membership for careers in agricultural and related sciences. The OSU MANRRS Chapter has proven itself a vital piece to bridging the gap in enrollment and graduation rates, and perhaps even more importantly, for preparing students for their post-campus careers.  

The minority student population at Oregon State University is quickly growing, yet the population has lesser success in terms of graduation rates, according to Wanda Crannell.

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