2022-2023 Fellows

Mare Ackerman

I am a Sophomore studying Rangeland Science and Forestry. Through Leadership Academy I will be able to meet others who are motivated to improve their leadership skills as well. After a couple years of COVID slowing down in-person communication, the Academy will help me build myself and others info confident leaders with a connection to one another.

Ren (and Winter) Alsteen

Hi, I am a Junior studying Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Sciences. As an aspiring Park Ranger, being able to lead others plays into many aspects from leading an educational group to calmly handling a rescue operation. Gaining leadership skills will help me show others a path to understanding and saving the Earth, rather than butting heads in opposition.

Katelyn Bauman

I'm a Senior studying Agricultural Sciences. I desire fellowship and connections with other individuals who are also growing in leadership skills. I see the opportunity for growth in my leadership through experiences the Leadership Academy offers. I also anticipate the great benefit of having a personal/professional mentor I can look to for advice in my career as well as life. I feel that I have a long journey ahead of me to become the leader my classroom will need and I hope that Leadership Academy will pus me toward my goal of becoming a leader for future generation of agriculturists.

Carley Beeman

I am a Sophomore studying Chemistry. I anticipate the Leadership Academy will prepare me to work with people from all walks of life and teach me how to be able to recognize and harness talent to achieved desired outcomes. I would also love the opportunity to continue to meet new people and expand my circle here at OSU. I hope to master the ability to communicate with anyone and bring people together regardless of outside factors. 

Marua Bekbossynova

Hi, I'm a Sophomore studying Chemistry. I want to work on my leadership skills and work on myself, to change and grow as a person. As a Chemistry major, leadership skills are essential to lead people and be able to communicate well. Leading people well helps bring out the best in each of your team members, and personal leadership is the ability to organize your thoughts and establish an exact direction for your own life. That made me interested in the Leadership Academy.  

Adam Berg

Hi, I'm a Junior studying Forestry. I'm interested in having a mentor, in learning from other professionals in forestry, and in participating in discussions with other students. I have worked for years in a government setting as a supervisor and may end up doing that again. In the future, I hope to be a role model for kids and to continue to volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Sunshyne Brown

I am a Junior studying Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Sciences. I hope to grow and find personal enrichment through the program while gaining the skills needed to maintain an edge in the job market. I am also interested in forming lasting connections with like-minded peers and alumni. I am really excited at the prospect of having a mentor to guide me in my academic and career decisions. I hope to one day lead my own conservation project and I feel this program will help me gain the skills necessary to achieve those goals.

Chelsea Buhmann

I am a Junior studying Agricultural Sciences. I want to be in the Leadership Academy to further develop my leadership and professional skills. Ultimately, the skills I would gain would not only benefit me, but would also allow me to benefit others, including future students. Over the last six years I have discovered passions for leadership, agriculture, and education. This lead me to select agricultural education as my desired career. I think leadership is something I see being involved in every day of my life, and in terms of my career goals, leadership will be a necessary part of my job as an agricultural educator and FFA advisor. 

Froilan Camacho

I am a Sophomore studying Animal Sciences. Despite the amount of leadership experiences I have been able to have, I still have areas for improvement. Weaknesses are good to have, but I would like to work on mine. I see this as a way of living up to my potential. After I have completed the necessary requirements to become a practicing veterinarian, I plan to return to my hometown in and establish a clinic of my own. I would like to be able to create an environment that will eventually lead to an efficient and trustworthy team of employees. 

Kyler Casper

I am a Junior studying Botany. The opportunity to have a specific mentor through Leadership Academy would be invaluable in helping me determine how to achieve my goals. I think I could also gain a lot from the discussion based nature of the class because I believe communication is a very important skill that can be hard to learn without using experience as the primary tool. I'm genuinely interested in learning more about leadership, and nailing down what it means to be a good leader and learning those skills would be a very interesting and rewarding experience for me. 

Carson Davis

Hi, I am a Sophomore studying Horticulture. I want to learn more about being a leader and what it means in college and the work environment. Leadership is important even if you aren't in a position of leadership; you should always be displaying good character and friendliness. I have really just relaxed and soaked in everything this first year and I think I am ready to broaden my horizens and open up a bit more, I hope I can use these skills I gained in the classroom and be a person for my peers to look up to, displaying the right things to do.

MaryGrace Dudek

Hi, I'm a Sophomore in Animal Sciences. Having participated in leadership through FFA and 4H, I have extensive experience, however someone can never stop improving leadership skills. I hope to be either a veterinarian or involved with horses as a barn manager or equine vet. You have to use leadership skills in either role to get you team to follow you and participate. Leadership plays a huge role in being able to work successfully with people, and have them like working with you. 


Fatima Flores-Rodarte

I am a Sophomore majoring in Agricultural Sciences. I am interested in being in the Leadership Academy because I believe leadership allows one to implement essential skills that are needed to effectively lead, persuade and influence those around you. I see leadership playing a crucial role in my career goals as I will be using it to make clear decisions and set goals. Additionally, I will use leadership skills in my work field as I am aiming to be an Agricultural Education Teacher, and therefore the skills I learned and perform will help me lead and teach students in the study of Agriculture.

Rachel Hargrove

Hi, I am a Junior studying Natural Resources. I want to be in the Leadership Academy to build my networking skills, connect with genuine community, and be streamlined to future jobs. I see the Academy helping develop my social skills and interview capabilities and increasing my chances of success in the job market. Additionally, I would like to work on my ability to take feedback, network and feel confident in social situations. I have many passions and interest, and I'm excited to work with a mentor to help me focus my passion.

Natasha Hopkins

I am a Senior studying Bioresource Research. I joined Leadership Academy to focus on developing my skills in giving and receiving critical feedback, developing emotional resistance, reinforcing values to strengthen confidence, and enhancing my public speaking ability. I initially took Leadership Launch and really enjoyed it, and wanted to pursue a more longterm option that would allow me to continue building on my leadership.

Nick Kehoe

Hi, I am a Sophomore studying Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Sciences. I want to enhance my leadership skills that are essential for my professional career. Investing in myself through Leadership Academy will allow me to better serve those that depend on my leadership; improving my strengths and instilling the courage needed to move forward. I aim to become a leader in wildlife biology and guide diverse groups toward success. Leadership is vital for workplace success as people work better united. I want to steer others toward growth.

Zachary Kowash

Hi, I am a Junior studying Bioresource Research and Biochemistry. I am interested in joining Leadership Academy primarily to meet new people and network. Second, I want to improve my leadership skills for my career. A large part of medicine is knowing how to lead your healthcare team effectively and efficiently treating your patient as a well-oiled machine, so a doctor that is inexperienced in leading is not a good doctor. Leadership Academy will be able to provide both of these, new people and leadership improvement, making it an excellent opportunity.

Calhoun Lark

Hi, I'm a Sophomore studying Horticulture, plant breeding and genetics. I want to join Leadership Academy to meet people in the College of Agricultural Sciences and want to also learn how to be leaders. I would love to start a nursery and help manage my family's farm, and this class will help me reach those goals. I hope to work on my confidence, working in groups, and letting go of the need to control.

Turner Lear

Hi, I am a Junior studying Agricultural and Food Business Management and Agricultural Sciences. I hope to broaden my personal development skills and further work on strengthening my weaknesses. Additionally, it's exciting getting the opportunity to network with people and meeting potential employers. I want to pursue a career in agricultural finance, so having the ability to work effectively with others is going to be a big aspect of my work life. 

Chloe Lee

I am a Senior majoring in Bioresource Research. My main reason for wanting to be a part of this cohort is the sense of community and ability to create a sense of belonging to others in both College of Agricultural Sciences and College of Forestry. I know what it is like to feel really lost and doubt one's abilities, so to be able to grow as leaders and encourage learning with other faculty and alumni seems like such a rare and amazing opportunity. My goal is to be able to gain confidence in my abilities by continuing to learn and experience more about biotechnology and how I can best contribute to the field, and I believe this cohort can help me refine my skills in leadership, networking, and team-building.

Mariana Llamas

I am a Sophomore in Agricultural Sciences. I believe that the leadership experiences and pieces of training that I have had have widened my thinking abilities and have helped me think in innovative and creative ways. I would be delighted to join this Leadership Academy to develop skills in the often-tricky areas needed to persuade and influence people. As a future high school agriculture teacher, I need leadership experience in order to help me be the best version of myself, and have goals for myself, classroom, and my students. 

Elizabeth Lopez

Hi, I am a Junior studying Botany. I want to be the type of leader that creates a safe and joyful environment where everyone feels supported and loved because that's when the best work will be created. I've been in leadership classes where I've learned from lots of great people; from this, I've learned to be confident, supportive, genuine, and treat everyone fairly. I believe that being a great leader isn't easy, but it is doable and I hope through Leadership Academy I can be the leader I want to be.

Annelise Luttrell

Hi, I am a Sophomore studying Agricultural Sciences. Leadership plays an active role in my day to day life; we may not realize it but we are using our leadership when working with classmates on a project or completing a task. My future career path is hopefully Agricultural Education, teaching and leading the younger generation. In high school I engaged in many leadership opportunities, but Leadership Academy is a program like no other that I have participated in and I believe will give me unique and personal experiences. 

David Lynch

I am a Junior studying Crop and Soil Science. The Leadership Academy interests me for a number of reasons, primarily because of the framework and guidance I feel I would receive throughout the program. I strive to improve upon emotional intelligence, communication, and networking. I am seeking any and every opportunity that I can find to help me, and the people around me, to become better versions of ourselves. As a future crop and soil scientist, food scarcity and sustainable agriculture are some of the world's biggest problems currently and I feel the world needs powerful leadership, louder voices, and compassionate humans to help educate people.

Jacqueline Martinez de Jesus

Hi, I am a Sophomore in Food Science and Technology with a minor in Chemistry. I would love to obtain useful information for my future career and grow as a person. The leadership academy seems like a great opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and experience multiple ways of thinking with friendly people. Leadership is something that I hope to apply to my life in places that involve me helping others. Career wise, this could be useful in creating a more efficient, friendly, and overall better workspace. In my personal life, this could apply to things like sports, kids, and relationships.

Eleni Maus

I am a Sophomore in Animal Sciences with a minor in Psychology. I think leadership is really important when it comes to being independent and confident in your career. I plan to open my own animal rescue one day, and being able to manage your own business takes a lot of leadership skills and initiative. Having stronger leadership skills can be helpful in a number of situations like communication and decision making, which are important in my future career, and important in social situations as well!

Michele McCann

Hi, I am a Junior studying Animal Sciences with a minor in Chemistry. Leadership will play a large and important role in both my personal life and career goals. As a naturally shy individual, I am consistently pushing myself to do the things that make me uncomfortable. I have made it a goal of myself to make that leap whenever I'm uncomfortable and to actively try to become the best version of myself. It's important that I begin this journey of finding security in the unknown and the uncomfortable, and know how to confidently navigate through it, so that I am prepared for the challenges ahead. 

Hayden Metzger

I am a Sophomore studying Food Science and Technology with a minor in Agricultural and Food Business Management. Leadership will play a huge role in accomplishing my goals of working in the food industry and leading innovative projects that will directly help others. In my personal life, leadership will be important to how I interact with others, and becoming more effective in my future. I'm excited to work with my peers!

Moriah Nielsen

I am a Junior studying Animal Sciences. The Leadership Academy is an excellent opportunity to grow not only as a leader, but a person. I love the approach the Academy takes to building a well-rounded leader. I want to be able to lead people in a way that facilitates a healthy work/research environment, and I believe I can learn the soft skills necessary to do that. I foresee learning to be a leader will have a huge impact on my personal relationships and my future career goals.  

Corinne Oster

I am a Junior studying Agricultural Sciences. As a member of the Leadership Academy, I hope to make connections with students, faculty, and other members in the agricultural field and beyond which will help me grow and find my path. I want the opportunity to be enlightened by and share views with my peers who are also looking to polish and grow their leadership skills, styles, and abilities. In my personal life, leadership plays a role in decision making, relationship building and conflict resolution. My values, beliefs, and morals as a leader will help me make personal decisions as I transition through the various chapters of my life. 

Mahi Pandey

I am a Sophomore studying Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Sciences. I want to increase my horizon and gain more experience to build stronger leadership qualities which would be a huge skill added for my future career goals. Leadership will play an important role by teaching me an open way to understand and listen better without judgment, and in my professional life, as my career goals are mainly in the field of conservation, having good leadership qualities becomes a stronger faculty in building credibility, confidence and the proper way of communication. 

Ryan Patterson

Hi, I'm a Junior studying Agricultural and Food Business Management. I believe the Leadership Academy is an excellent way to build connections while improving my leadership abilities. I often struggle with going out of my way to meet new people, but I believe Leadership Academy will give me the tools and confidence to turn meeting new people into a strength. I hope to obtain a career in ag/commercial lending, so I need to be proficient in banking practices, but also to form new connections that are mutually beneficial. Strong leadership skills will assist in maintaining a good reputation for the company as well as myself. 

Athena Peterson

I am a Junior in Microbiology with a minor in Chemistry/Marine Biology and Ecology. Leadership is something that everyone should be striving for, because I think it helps you figure out who you are and what you want out of life. In my personal life, leadership has helped me figure out what i actually want instead of just following the status quo or what others have decided are good paths to take. On a professional side, leadership is a good way to bring others with you when you progress in things like science. 

Andrea Perez

I am a Junior in Microbiology with minors in Chemistry and Japanese. I was the first of four children of an immigrant family, so leadership is a role I have always unconsciously pursued every day. When I was a first year student and came to Corvallis in Fall 2020, I did not expect that I would be so limited in regards to having leadership opportunities and interacting with classmates and professors. As a Sophomore, I studied abroad, so that is why I would like to engage more as a future scientist in a great group where I can grow as a student, as a person, and as a future professional. 

Anna Perry

I am a Senior studying Crop and Soil Science. I'm really interested in informal agricultural education, and I think the Leadership Academy could help me develop the skills necessary to succeed in that environment. I would like to develop my leadership and interpersonal skills, and eventually work in Extension. I plan to stay in this community working in Extension, as I am active in a local non-profit called "Ten River's Food Web." Leadership will likely become an even larger part of my life in the future.  

Marelyn Poox-Castillo

I am a Sophomore studying Animal Sciences. Being a part of Leadership Academy means that I will learn skills and also increase my chances of succes to lead and influence people in a positive way. The Leadership Academy will also connect me with new people around campus and interact with business's among other partnerships. I've been in a few leadership positions in the past but I like to find ways to increase my leadership skills, so I'm confident the Leadership Academy will guide me in the right path. 

Genasea Reigard

Hi, I'm a Junior studying Microbiology with a minor in Chemistry. The Leadership Academy would be a great opportunity to meet other students and share our experiences and strengths. I have always been the type of person who only takes charge of a situation when it's needed. I would love to join in order to become a true leader, no matter the situation, and to become more involved in the Oregon State and Corvallis communities through Leadership Academy. 

Satine Reis

Hi, I am an Animal Sciences major. I would like to become a large animal veterinarian and eventually run my own practice. By being a part of the Leadership Academy I can further push myself to be a better leader, and use what I learn in my everyday life and future. On top of that it will give me some great opportunities to branch out and explore while creating great memories with other students at OSU with a similar mindset. 

RaeAan Rhodes

I am studying Agricultural Sciences. I think the Leadership Academy would be an amazing chance for me to meet more students at OSU interested in the same type of roles involving leadership that I am. It would also assist me in learning more about myself as a leader. Being more involved on campus is something I'm truly interested in and would adore to be a part of. 

Chloe Riley

I am a Sophomore studying Agricultural and Food Business Management. I want to be a part of the Leadership Academy because it offers so much opportunity to meet individuals within the College and make it successful overall. I am self-driven and motivated and want to be a part of a team that has a similar leadership perspective as me. I want to work in corporate sales or work as a loan officer which will require me to work with others for a successful outcome. 

Rose Roberts

Hello, I am a Sophomore studying Natural Resources. I want to be in the Leadership Academy to get more comfortable collaborating with people and get outside of my comfort zone. Taking on a leadership role can be a very rewarding and enriching experience, and I feel that taking advantage of an opportunity to get better at it will only enhance my career path, but also my personal relationship and communication skills. 

Grace Ross

Hi, I am a Sophomore studying Natural Resources. I have always considered myself a natural leader in most circumstances. I think the Leadership Academy would have a big impact on my career goals in policy and management. I would love to work on my skills on communicating my ideas and plans, as well as speaking publicly to large groups. I think this experience would help me learn to hone in those skills and give me more insight about what "leadership" means. 

Jonathan Roth

Hi, I am a Sophomore studying Agricultural and Food Business Management. In any job or circumstance I will find myself in, being able to lead will greatly impact me and the people around me for the better. I would like to learn more about being a successful leader and implement these skills wherever I go after college. My current goal is to become a farm manager, so good leadership will be important when running the farm and employees. In my personal life, being a leader in a group of friends will give me a greater sense of self-confidence. 

Jillian Rudolf

Hi, I am a Junior studying Rangeland Sciences. I want to network and further my leadership skills and form a mentorship relationship to help me with future planning. I think being in the Leadership Academy will help allow me to do that. The Academy offers a great opportunity to interact with other students with similar interests while gaining marketable skills. I have always been involved in leadership, and as a future attorney, I know gaining these skills will positively influence my career. 

Katelynn Schmidt

Hi, I'm a Junior in Agricultural Sciences with a minor in Sustainability. I want to be an effective leader once I get out into the world and have the capability to be successful in bringing about change. I want to learn how to have the strength to question the status quo and learn more about myself as a person along the way. The Leadership Academy will help me to answer all this and more, as well as provide opportunities to make a difference locally. As a future Ag Teacher, it is my responsibility to learn how to be an effective leader, as a mentor and advisor as well. 


Gabrielle Simard

Hi, I am a Sophomore studying Environmental Economics and Policy with a Sustainability minor. I want to be in the Leadership Academy to learn how to effectively apply my personal strengths within a leadership role. Additionally, I would like to develop new traits that will help me become a better leader and team member. I am particularly interested in being mentored and networking, like the program delivers. Networking is something that I'm sure will be very important in my future and I am confident the Academy will help me expand on this skill set to be an effective leader and communicator in networking situations. Many of the skills such as communication, emotional intelligence, networking and difficult conversations that are covered, are important not only for leaders but also for team members, friendships, and family. 

Rob Solis Moriarty

Hi, I am a Senior studying Microbiology with a Chemistry minor. I have been in many leadership positions in my life, but as I near the end of my degree and try to map out a career path, it has become apparent to me that I lack a lot of leadership training. The Leadership Academy will give me the experience and knowledge needed to stand out in the professional world. I love the idea of being a part of the same group of students for the entire year because this will give us a chance to really connect and form a network prior to graduation. Having a mentor for the entire year is something I also find really exciting because it gives me the chance to really connect with them and ask questions that I normally wouldn't be able to ask faculty regarding "what to expect" after graduation.

Michael Sonza

Hi, I am a Senior studying Bioresource Research. I have held positions in the past that have given me the opportunities to act as a leader. These experiences have shown me that I possess attributes like critical thinking and supporting team members that help build a good leader. My overall goal is to become a microbiologist in fermentation in a lab leadership role. I'll be responsible for leading the lab group to ensure productivity and give guidance on lab projects. The Academy can be a resource that can help me improve my characteristics that I need to grow in this capacity. 

Ireland Streeter

Hi, I am a Junior studying Tourism, Recreation and Adventure Leadership. I believe joining the Leadership Academy is a great opportunity for me to get more involved with OSU and discover everything my major has to offer! I struggled my first and second years of college trying to figure out what I wanted to study, but now that I'm sure of what I want, I am very excited to explore all of my different options. This program will help me develop my education to a higher standing, and prepare me for my future. I think the most important piece of this program is getting to work with others and learning about potential careers and having access to all of that support. 

Hanna VanDeWalle

Hi, I am a Junior studying Agricultural Sciences. I want to have the opportunity to learn and grow within my leadership skills. I would like to work with other agricultural sciences students and learn to lead with them. I hope to be an Ag Teacher and maybe become involved in legislation or other government work, so it will eventually be my job to instill leadership in others, and I need to be able to lead myself first. I'm excited to build my relationship-building skills, and both written and verbal communication skills in the Leadership Academy.

Jaclyn Vu

Hi, I am a Senior studying Biological Data Sciences. I want to be in the Leadership Academy to learn about boundaries and practice techniques to have difficult conversations. I have found it difficult to get involved in college and I hope that I can meet more students and faculty members in the Academy. Using skills from leadership allows a person to better communicate, establish and hold boundaries, and learn how to work well with partners. Leadership is a skill to apply to personal relationships and those in professional settings. I want to be able to inspire and positively influence others regardless of the position I may hold. 

Tamar Weiss

Hi, I am a Sophomore studying Animal Sciences. The Leadership Academy seems to be a great program to enrich and develop my skills as a student and employee. Having all the opportunities and experiences the Academy would provide for me to help me become a leader and better member of the agricultural sciences' community. This program will help me stand out on applications for my future education as well, and will give me the ability to network with future employers and future professors. My future plan is to apply to vet school after I graduate from Oregon State. As a vet I would be placed in a role of authority, so being able to enrich my leadership skills would be highly applicable to a future career as a veterinarian.