2021-2022 Fellows

Jacob Atkins

I am a Senior studying Forest and Civil Engineering. I have always been a natural leader, especially in regard to school, and I would like to continue to grow this skill in my professional career. I know I need to grow in a lot of ways of leadership, but it is an area of my life that I am extremely passionate about, and am willing to put in the work necessary to improve. 


Ryan Auld

Hi, I am a Junior studying BioResource Research and part of the Honors College. Right now, I am part of the first officer team for Students for Cultivating Change, and I hope to continue to serve the club through this position. I also hope to teach people about sustainable agriculture after I graduate and spread some hope about our future. For many people my age, the future has been shadowed by the realities of climate change and most people have no idea that one of the keys to reversing this lies in changing our agricultural practices. I hope to teach people, both within and outside of the agriculture industry, that there is still hope for us if we are willing to put the work in to change. This will take a lot of patience and effort, but I want to do it. As someone who is in a leadership position in the new club Students for Cultivating Change, I'd love to continue to build more leadership skills to make myself a more effective leader as we get ourselves off the ground.

Kailee Benedict

I'm a Senior studying Animal Sciences. I had many friends who have been in Leadership Academy and it seemed like a really good professional and resourcing program that will really help in my education and professional future. I want to be an Ag teacher so I would love to get more networking and resource opportunities and a more in-depth look at ag leadership to help me in my future teaching goals.

Audrey Brandis

I am a Sophomore studying Forest Engineering. I believe that leadership is an important skill to develop for any career path you may choose. Not only can the Leadership Academy provide me with essential skills, but I can then pass my lessons ont to others and create healthy work of school environments. One specific area I'm interested in is mentorship. Not only do I look forward to being mentored, but one day I could mentor others in college and my professional career. I also think the Leadership Academy can help me branch out and meet new people and friends whom I may never have met.

Sophie Caldwell

Hi, I'm a Senior studying Agricultural Sciences. My career focus is to become a landscape architect. Ideally, I would like to run my own firm someday. This means that I will be an employer, which takes great leadership skills. I want to be the type of employer whose employees enjoy their job and feel they have autonomy over their work. This takes a lot of practice and its something I would love to learn. I also see myself as a community leader. For a year in college I lead a group of girls in Young Life. This was a great experience and something I would definitely do again given the opportunity. I want to tune my leadership skills to help create long-lasting, intentional, community. As a woman, I see fine tuned leadership skills as a very important part of life. When working a corporate job it is especially important to have the correct language to advocate for yourself and your peers in a professional and constructive way. In a more personal way, I think it is very important to know how to lead my family. I see mothers as the glue that holds a family together. I hope to one day be that glue, and it will be important to know how to lead my family down the right path.   

Samantha Chavez

Hi, I'm a Junior studying Animal Sciences. I know how important it is to be able to network with others and have good communication, as well as working as a team. As a veterinarian, one must be able to work under pressure, be able to communicate efficiently and quickly to ensure the safety fo the patient. Due to this, I feel that gaining leadership skills will greatly help me become a better veterinarian.

Opal Christian

I am a Senior studying Tourism, Recreation and Adventure Leadership focusing on Outdoor Recreation Management. Being in online school since I declared, I have not been able to truly connect with peers. I naturally place myself in leadership roles. OSU is a huge school and I did not know where to turn to find these leadership-based social outlets. To my surprise, I received an email to apply to the Leadership Academy and it felt serendipitous! I want to develop my skills now and learn from others on how to be a quality leaders so that when I do take those opportunities in the future I am ready.

Mitchell Craig

I am a Sophomore studying Tourism, Recreation and Adventure Leadership. I see leadership being an essential skill to have a successful career in the outdoor recreation industry. Being able to effectively manage large groups of people is a skill that can translate well between the business setting and the recreation industry. In my personal life, leadership will greatly benefit my communication skills and adversity while participating in recreation activities. I want to learn how to foster leadership skills such as communication, management, and initiative to take on ambitious challenges.

Skye Cuevas-Arevallo

I am a Junior studying Horticulture. The leadership academy allows me to form a connection with a professional who is in the same field of study as I am. I believe this will allow me to further develop my leadership skills and learn more in depth what I should do in order to prepare myself. I am also an out of state student and this is my first year at OSU. I would like to form connections with other students and learn from each other. My future career goal is to become a manager at a wholesale nursery. Leadership will play an important role because I will need to communicate effectively to workers and also make decisions that can effect the company.

Jessica Etter

I am a Junior studying Chemistry. I have several positions on campus that require me to utilize many different leadership skills. I'm currently a program assistant for the OSU STEM leaders program, as well as a member of the OSU Anti-Racism in Research Team and a researcher in Dr. Williams lab. Each of these commitments requires me to have a variety of leadership skills which include effective communication, time management, organization, problem-solving, and working with diverse individuals. Because of this, I'm always looking for opportunities to enhance my leadership skills, as I know it will benefit me and those I work with with currently as well as in any future career or general interaction I take part in.

Wally Fiori

Hi, I am a Senior studying Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Sciences. I have been able to learn a lot about myself, my needs, and areas for growth in past leadership roles, and would like to continue both to have such opportunities, and to learn how to take more away from them. Fostering genuine connections between teammates is one aspect of leadership that I don't feel as confident in. I feel like I am still finding my place in the world and would find the opportunity to work with alums and employers valuable. Overall, I have learned that part of developing good leadership skills is developing good followership skills. 

Kelci Free

Hi, I'm a Senior in Agricultural Sciences. I really want to expand my leadership skills for my personal life so that I can have success in my future career. I see the leadership academy giving me the tools to help build my self confidence in being a leader and learn valuable skills that I can take into my career path to be as successful as I can be. I think it will also help me use my voice and better my relationships and friendships in my personal life, as I have seen it help others firsthand.


Keegan Gibbs

I am a Sophomore majoring in Agricultural and Food Business Management. I see leadership as something you can never perfect. There is always room to grow and get better. As a leader, when I grow it not only effects me but those around me as well. It will make me more employable, more desirable to be around, and most importantly a better version of myself. I love motivating others to be better and I feel that leadership roles are a good fit for me. Whether it is trying to motivate others, striving to be a good husband, community member, or just the best version of myself I can be, I want to be a role model.

Katelin Gregor

Hi, I'm Katie, and I am a Senior studying Bioresource Research. I am interested in policy making, particularly in regards to improving the sustainability of globalization. I think there is a huge need for change in how economics functions on a global scale and the current state of affairs seems to often result in the environment being the last priority. I want to be part of a movement to change this. To that end, it will be important to understand how to effectively communicate with others and take charge when needed. Leadership is a lot about teamwork as well as working with a group of students in the capacity of the leadership academy will be beneficial towards reaching that goal.

Devyn Halvorson

I am a Junior studying Animal Sciences. The leadership academy is a great way to to learn more about myself and how to better my future, while being able to network and work with a professional that will help me make positive goals for my future. I see myself being able to meet new people in my industry as well as helping me set both large and attainable goals.

Lok Yin Ho

Hi, my name is Lucia. I am a Junior studying Food Science and Technology with a minor in Chemistry. I am eager to develop more technical skills and join more college events before graduating next year. I consider myself a shy person but full of adventurous thoughts. I was hoping to gain more experience in leadership. The Academy would help me get out of my comfort zone and reach out to different people in the field. I eventually see myself working confidently both within a group as well as individually. I would make faster and more accurate decisions to move any project forward.

Jessica Jacquin

I am a Junior in Horticulture. I am interested in exposure to opportunities where my skills may apply to jobs beyond the scope of the availability I have now. Mentorship and guidance as well as the opportunity to network with experience professionals is appealing to me to help me accomplish this. As I become more experienced in the field, I am becoming more interested in how to go about taking more leadership-oriented positions. I have always had a good work ethic and work well with others so I feel like I would have something to offer in a project management position. 

Rebecca Jones

Hi, my name is Becca. I am a Senior studying Natural Resources. I plan to be a Natural Resources manager who works closely with both the public and higher management, so I want to learn and practice the appropriate soft skills to interact well wtih both of these groups. I have also taken several communication classes that I have really enjoyed and want to get more exposure to communicating through leadership roles. Finally, I have been told that I am a good leader by peers in groups projects and would like to explore that skill further since I usually adopt those roles. I need to be a figure that can effectively lead in a way that builds trust and participation by those I work with.

Tai-Renee King

Hi, I am a Sophomore studying Ecological Engineering and Natural Resources. Being a part of hte leadership academy will help me to evolve and expand my current leadership skills. It will also expose me to various leaders, leadership styles, and understanding collaborative initiatives. Leadership is essential in all aspects of life. It will help me build my interpersonal skills thereby allowing me to create better relationships with family and friends and assits me throughout my career on various collaborative endeavors, networking, and community development.

Kyleigh Kirk

I am a Senior majoring in Agricultural Sciences. I think leadership skills will help me develop some of the skills that I need to be a teacher, and for life in general. It is a great opportunity to learn from others and expand my knowledge. Communication is a major aspect of leadership which will be extremely important in a career. I will be graduating soon, but I still believe it is important to do everything I can to learn and prepare myself for life after.

Ashlynn Lehne

I am a Junior in Agriculture and Food Business Management. I am excited for the bonding with other students who are also wanting to improve their leadership abilities and themselves throughout the year. I see leadership playing a large role in my life as an entrepreneur because I plan to open my own business linked to my family farm.

Kourtney Lehman

Hi, I am a Senior studying Agricultural Business Management. This past year I had the unique opportunity to serve as the National FFA Secretary where I served as a voice for over 760,000 youth members nationwide. The experience was incredible, but more importantly it helped further my understanding of the value of leadership. I quickly learned that leaders have to quickly step up to challenges despite our own hesitations and barriers and be the guide for those around us. The leadership academy will help me continue to explore techniques to apply to improve the lives of others during challenging times. For me, leadership provides the means to put into action the changes we want to see in the world. 

Lauren Limburg

Hi, I'm Lauren, and I am a Junior studying Animal Sciences with a minor in Spanish. I want to become the best version of myself as a student, and as a future veterinarian. Leading during crises, knowing how to network, and having the necessary leadership skills to successfully help patients is extremely important for my career goals. Leadership isn't just about "being in charge", it's about being able to work with your peers, about teamwork, and it's something that's useful in every aspect of your life.

David McNeer

I am a Senior studying Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Sciences. With school returning to campus, I really want to participate in agricultural sciences activities. Leadership helps my career goals because everything done at work is like mini teams. I want to be confident in biology so I can lead in projects and earn the confidence of those around me that I'm capable doing projects like research. I think that benefits my personal life by helping me be more well rounded with life experience.

Galen Moll

Hi, I am a Sophomore in Food Science and Technology with a minor in Chemistry. I would love to obtain useful information for my future career and grow as a person. The leadership academy seems like a great opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and experience multiple ways of thinking with friendly people. Leadership is something that I hope to apply to my life in places that involve me helping others. Career wise, this could be useful in creating a more efficient, friendly, and overall better workspace. In my personal life, this could apply to things like sports, kids, and relationships.

Adeline Rang

Hi, I'm Adie. I am a Sophomore in Agricultural Sciences with a minor in Comparative International Agriculture. I believe that strong leadership skills are important to matter what career path you follow. Having a competent leader in any endeavor can help lead to its success. Too often, people receive great information on their specific career task, but no information on how to lead and this can cause unnecessary challenges when trying to achieve a task or goal successfully. I want to do everything I can to be a strong advocate for agriculture in my future. Understanding human interactions and motivation, how to communicate clearly and effectively can have a positive impact on every aspect of our lives.

Mireia Roig-Paul

Hi, I am a Junior studying Bioresource Research and Crop and Soil Science with a minor in Chemistry. I am able to do the scientific/research portions of academia well, however I feel I lack the awareness required to establish and maintain professional relationships. I also hope to gain a community that has similar goals to me where I can meet a wide variety of key players in agriculture. I want to gain professional, personal, and more soft skills in agriculture that I feel I am missing. 

Trevor Ross

I am a Junior studying Natural Resources. I want to build upon my leadership skills to be a leader within my current and future workplaces set an example within my family and community, and prepare myself for a career in Natural Resources. Good leaders set the tone for successful teams of workers, students, and citizens within a vast range of communities and workplaces. Skills in leadership would contribute greatly to my ability to do my part in assisting in conservation projects within work crew leadership, project management, and interactions with the public.

Francesca Rossi

I am a Senior studying Animal Sciences with a minor in Chemistry and Toxicology. I believe that working with peers, along with the guidance of mentors and alumni will provide a space for me to develop skills that cannot necessarily be taught in the classroom-like how to be a great leader, network and resolve conflict within a group. My goal is to be a veterinarian, a career that will require me to lead a team within a clinic and interact with patients. Leaders can make or break a community, and as a rural practice veterinarian, or even as a veterinary toxicologist, leadership will be of utmost importance. My desire to go to college was fueled by the strong leaders in my community and I hope that I can be a similar role model when I finish school. 

Natalie Schlosser

I am a Senior studying Forest Management. I am excited for the Academy; to have a mentor and meeting weekly with peers. I think having other motivated students around will me will be encouraging and hopefully push me to think creatively about how I can do more with my education and ultimately my career. My goal is to become a forest manager in the future, and in that role I will be overseeing others. I will need to be comfortable taking the lead on projects, interacting with peers, and potentially giving direction to other employees. Leadership skills are a big part of that but I would love to learn other facets of leadership and how I can improve.

Camden Schmidt

I am a Junior studying Environmental Economics and Policy with a minor in Global Development Studies. I am always looking for ways to build community, develop myself, and meet new people, and the leadership academy is a great mix of these. I want to develop my skills in leadership, vision, and introspection, as well as develop my own goals for the future. Finally, I want to meet new people, whether it be networking with my peers or building relationships with leaders already in the workforce. I see leadership as the catalyst that allows what I've learned in analysis to be taken to the step where we can act on it.

Bryan Sherlock

Hi, I'm  a Junior studying Food Science and Technology with a focus on fermentation sciences. My time in the military and jobs that I have worked, leadership has been a crucial part of my career. It is vital in being able to read people and understanding the guidance they need. The leadership academy is an opportunity to meet students and faculty, share ideas and experience, and build our leadership skills together.  

Andrew Smith

Hi, I'm Drew. I am a Junior in Forest and Civil Engineering. Leadership maximizes the productivity of a group by focusing efforts towards a common goal, and ensuring that goal is being reached efficiently and harmoniously. Leadership will help me be as effective as possible in achieving goals of my own, or those of a community I'm a part of. This will give me the ability to reach the best possible solutions in my work, advance my career, and resolve conflict in my personal life. By being an effective leader, others can look to me as a reference for how they should go about reaching their own goals, further improving the quality of my communities. 

John Stables

Hi, I'm JD. I am a big believer in leading by example; my career goal is to be involved in rangeland extension. As an extension agent diligently working and making good decisions is a way I can lead by example, but I'd also have to lead in more direct ways whether it be heading up a research team or putting together an information night for the public. Leadership plays a role in everyone's life no matter the profession or standing.

Anthony Suryamiharja

I am a Sophomore studying Food Science and Technology with a minor in Business. I want to build my network more with people's perspectives and ideas so in the progress of improving myself as a better person. I also want to interact more with other people especially in the same field. In my future, leadership is crucial considering I will need to be efficient in teamwork and overall project work.

Xavier Tacker

I am a Sophomore studying Bioresource Research and Forestry with a minor in Chemistry. I wanted to be a part of the leadership academy to surround myself with other leaders. I believe that taking initiative and applying to be a part of such a program will put me in the company of other driven individuals. Leadership is far less dictatorial than it is communal, and I se the academy improving my abilty to work amongst others. I hope to pursue prolific research in my future, and research on a high level attracts only the greatest minds and their teams. Leadership will play a major part in my personal life as well as career goals.

Katherine Taylor

Hi, I'm Kat, a Senior in Food Science and Technology with a minor in Chemistry. Becoming a confident leader is something that I have struggled with in the past, and I think this would be a great opportunity to improve and enhance my current skill set. In my personal life, I tend ot take charge and be a leader in many situations, but I do not always have the necessary skills to be as successful as I want to be. My lack of confidence as  leader makes me have tendencies to shy away from leadership roles in clubs that I am involved in on campus as well as other organizations I wold like to represent. It is a goal of mine to be a distinguished, confident leader.

Quinn Teece

Hi, I am a Junior in Forest Management. I wanted to be in leadership academy to expand my leadership skills, grow my network and my opportunities. Eventually, I would like to start my own business someday and I know I'll need to grow my leadership skills to be successful at that. 

Sarah Theall

Hi, I am a Sophomore studying Agricultural Sciences. I have a passion for agriculture and I want to serve the industry that continues to serve me. Leadership is a quality that I feel I need to strongly possess to continue to better myself for my future endeavors. I feel strongly that the leadership academy will give me the tools and guidance I need to better myself. I see leadership playing a large role in my future as I prepare for a role in government and agriculture. Leadership is the most impactful attribute that I hope to obtain to succeed and flourish in my future life.

Kiley Thoreson

I am a Senior in Horticulture. I enjoy all aspects of leadership, and am always seeking to improve my leadership skills. I enjoy helping and working with others. I really appreciate being a part of a strong cohort of students, and getting to know and maintain relationships with agriculture students. Being interested in continuing to work for government agencies and and the public sector, I would love the opportunity to work and establish relationships with these partners. Being a strong leader is a skill that cannot be understated. I love building connections with others, and approaching leadership in this holistic way.

Addison Warner

I am a Senior studying Agricultural Sciences and Sustainability. Though I've had experience in leadership settings, I'm personally an introverted, confrontation-averse person. I aspire one day to own and operate a farm. Leadership will play a big part in this, particularly in creating and guiding a team. In my personal life, I imagine leadership skills will also aid in communication and interpersonal relationships. I believe learning how to examine my current emotional strengths and grow those through my time in the leadership academy could be very beneficial to any future pursuits, either personal or career related.

Lisa Wooden

My name is Lisa and I'm a Junior in Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Sciences. One reason I wanted to join the leadership academy is the passion to grow myself, especially in ways that I am having difficulty with. Having confidence in myself, in my words, and my ability to stand up for my perspectives is extremely low. I don't want anything holding me back from my dreams, and nothing holding me back from from being my best self. I see leadership being an intricate part in learning the skills to be confident in my words and thoughts. I believe the leadership academy is a great resource to help me reach those goals.