Did you know that over 80% of Leadership Academy graduates receive a job offer prior to graduation?

With an increasingly competitive job market, the College of Agricultural Sciences and College of Forestry at Oregon State University are dedicated to providing opportunities for students to set themselves apart from their peers.

Partners in the fields of food, agriculture, natural resources, fisheries and wildlife sciences and forestry have indicated students leave OSU with remarkable technical skills but in many cases need some additional development in the soft skills also critical for career success. We responded by creating the Leadership Academy. 

What is the Leadership Academy?

  • One-year program open to on-campus students in all majors in CAS and CoF 
  • At least sophomore standing
  • Required weekly seminar that meets Wednesdays from 4:00pm-5:50pm (PST)
  • Paired with an OSU faculty mentor for the entire year
  • Small group community service project
  • Opportunity to engage with alums, natural resource agencies, non-profit organizations, federal agencies, and employers
  • Over $14,000 available each year for leadership development activities
  • Identified in End of Year Student Showcase and wear a leadership stole at graduation


Why is a leadership development program important for students?

  • It encourages introspection
  • It surrounds you with other leaders
  • It helps you clarify your leadership vision
  • It teaches you how to influence people
  • It teaches you how to build a team
  • It helps you increase success in navigating change

...and it sets you apart in the job market!

If you want to level up your leadership skills, consider joining the Leadership Academy - one of only five programs like it in the nation!

The Leadership Academy is fully funded through support from our individual and corporate stakeholders. Thank you for investing in student success!

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