Jim Chapman - CAS Hall of Fame

Jim Chapman and his family on his ranch

College of Agricultural Sciences Hall of Fame

Jim Chapman is the second of three generations of ranchers running the Chapman Ranch, a large, successful cattle ranch in Poe Valley, east of Klamath Falls. Jim’s father acquired the ranch as a World-War-Two Navy veteran, and Jim followed his dad, into the Navy and back home again to the ranch.

Jim expanded the ranch, which is now a showcase of innovative and sustainable ranching. Jim was one of the first ranchers to directly market beef to consumers, an effort that eventually grew into Country Natural Beef. His collaborations with the Klamath Basin Research and Extension Center have led to science-based improvements in animal health and diet, innovations that he has shared with ranchers throughout the region. And Jim’s pastured-centered approach to ranching has earned Chapman Ranch a prestigious Step Four certification from the Global Animal Partnership.

Now Jim and Sandi Chapman’s son, Jason, has returned home to run the family ranch and continue the legacy of excellence. Thank you, Jim, for coming home and making a positive difference to Oregon’s beef industry.