E.R. Jackman Friends and Alumni (ERJFA) is a membership organization within OSU's College of Agricultural Sciences dedicated to offering direct support for students and various programs within the college to enhance the academic journey of CAS students.

The ERJFA funds were created to continue Jackman’s legacy of improving agricultural research and education.Over the years, the funds have grown to a over $2.9 million endowments to benefit the College and its students.These resources are overseen by a Board of Directors to “support the goals of the College of Agricultural Sciences, to support its students and staff and to enhance educational opportunities about Agriculture in the State of Oregon.” E. R. Jackman donors and board members generously put their time and money into a program that develops agricultural industry leaders of the future.


Scholarships Updates

  • Dr. Roy and Jane Arnold Scholarship Endowment, established 2022
    • Dr. Roy Arnold served as Dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences from 1987-1990, as Provost and Executive Vice President from 1991-2000 and then as Executive Associate Dean in the College until full retirement in 2006.
  • Dr. Thayne and Margaret (Missy) McCallum Dutson Scholarship Endowment, established 2022
    • Dr. Thayne Dutson served as Associate Dean for Research and Director of the Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station (OAES) from 1987-1992; in 1993 he accepted the position of Dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences and Director of OAES. Dr. Dutson retired in 2008 and moved with his wife Missy to their ranch near Sisters to raise registered Red Angus cattle.

Funds Awarded, 2023

  • 14 students received scholarships for a total of $25,500.
  • 19 students received a total of $21,100 from the Internship Support Program.
  • 21 students received a total of $18,250 in Beginning Research Funds, ranging from $750 - $1000.
  • 17 clubs were awarded $40,000, ranging from $400 to $9,000



What is an ERJFA Fellow?

Being a Fellow is the highest honor in the E.R. Jackman group.

How do I become a Fellow?

To become an ERJFA Fellow, a donation of $3,000 or $ 1000/year for three consecutive years to one or more of the endowment funds: Scholarship, Enhancement, or Unrestricted.

What are the benefits of being a Fellow?

  • Invitations to quarterly & annual board meetings
  • Access to information and programming within the college
  • Introduction and interactions with Dr. Staci Simonich, Dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences
  • Exclusive ERJFA pin



Winter Board Meeting - December 14, 2023


Spring Board Meeting - April 12, 2024

Dam Proud Day - April 24, 2024

OSU Ag & Natural Resources Day - May 7, 2024


Summer Board Meeting - July 2024


Annual Board Meeting – October 18, 2024

Fellows Luncheon – October 18, 2024

Homecoming – October 19, 2024

College of Agricultural Sciences Tailgate – November 23, 2024


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ERJFA is a proud partner of Benny's Business Closet, an on-campus business attire resource for OSU students. To donate, contact Ally Rumpakis at ally.rumpakis@osualum.com.

Additional Resources:

Ally Rumpakis
Director of Alumni Relations for the College of Agricultural Sciences

Reflections on helping students through the support of ER Jackman Friends and Alumni

As a department head of Food Science and Technology from 2000-2018, Bob McGorrin understands the financial struggles that many OSU students experience while completing their college degrees.  The costs of a university education seem to have increased exponentially, and this places significant burdens on students and their families.  Many of our students are carrying heavy workloads while juggling classes and study time, so the impact that scholarships and other financial assistance can have is immeasurable.

Bob and Marlene recognized the value that the ER Jackman Scholarships provide to students in the College of Agricultural Sciences.   Bob and Marlene became ER Jackman Fellows in 2007 by contributing $3,000 to the ER Jackman endowments. The benefit of contributing at the college level is that the funds support students from all units in the College. Over the years, they have continued to be involved with various programs (scholarships, internships, beginning research and club activities) funded by ER Jackman. 

Most recently, the McGorrins contributed to the establishment of the Thayne & Missy Dutson and Roy & Jane Arnold Scholarship endowments in the College. Thayne and Roy were instrumental to the McGorrins coming to OSU and they are appreciative of the leadership that Thayne and Roy provided to the former ER Jackman group, now known as the ER Jackman Friends and Alumni. The recent decision by the College and the ER Jackman Board to recognize and utilize the ER Jackman Fellows will provide more opportunities to assist deserving students across the College of Agricultural Sciences.