Continuing Researcher Support Program

Continuing Researcher Support Program

The Continuing Researcher Support Program provides funding assistance for faculty and undergraduate students who are seeking support for a semi-independent research project. The student applicant identifies a faculty member to work with and to develop a research/work proposal. Proposals for this support should include evidence of strong faculty/student collaboration, previous student research experience, and a research topic in line with the ongoing research of the faculty and in service to the university. This program requires cost share by the faculty.


  1. Student identifies College of Agricultural Sciences faculty member whose research program interests them.
  2. Student and faculty develop a research idea and collaboratively write a research proposal. The faculty must be listed on the proposal as Principal Investigator. The student is identified as the Co-investigator.
  3. Student and faculty submit research proposal to CAS Student Engagement Coordinator using online application form (see link in upper right corner of this page). A signature form must be digitally signed and uploaded along with the proposal. The link to upload this signature form is available within online application.
  4. At the end of the application period, CAS Student Engagement Coordinator downloads all proposals and reviews them for eligibility. Incomplete proposals and proposals not following the guidelines will NOT be considered for funding.
  5. Proposals that meet guidelines are sent to the Agricultural Research Foundation (ARF) Committee for review and evaluation. This committee consists of the ARF Executive Director, ARF Board members, and a representative of the CAS Dean’s Office. 
  6. CAS Student Engagement Coordinator notifies student/faculty teams regardless of outcome and works with departments and HR to hire selected students onto projects.
  7. Selected students attend an onboarding orientation with CAS Student Engagement Coordinator prior to beginning research.
  8. Students and faculty conduct research, receiving periodic check-ins and workshop training from CAS Student Engagement Coordinator.
  9. Upon completion of project, students submit a written report and create and present a research poster at either the CAS Career Fair & Student Showcase in October or the Ag & Natural Resources Day in the spring. Students may be invited to present their poster at an ARF meeting.


  • Winter term: interested students should meet with faculty and discuss research project
  • April 12, 2024 @ 11:59pm: Joint Student/Faculty application proposal due 
  • May 10, 2024: ARF committee funding decisions will be announced
  • Late May/Early June (specific dates TBD): required student orientation
  • During research experience: periodic check-ins with Student Engagement Coordinator
  • After research experience: submit written report and create and present a research poster at either the CAS Career Fair & Student Showcase in October or the Ag & Natural Resources Day in the spring


The Agricultural Research Foundation (ARF) funds this program $15,000 annually. 

  • There are two funding periods: academic year (fall, winter, and spring terms) and summer; however, the application cycle will be just once per year (in the spring). 
  • Up to 12 proposals at $1000 will be funded for the academic year (fall, winter, spring) and up to six proposals at $700 for the summer. Students can receive funding for both the summer and academic year combined ($1700 total).
  • Funds are transferred directly to a faculty/department account and students are provided an hourly wage based on hours worked. Unused funds must be returned at end of project cycle.  
  • Funds must support students a minimum of 50 hours of work during the academic year, and a minimum of 30 hours during the summer. The remaining funds can be used for materials. A detailed budget is required as part of the application.



  • Full-time students who hold at least sophomore standing (45 college credits) are eligible to apply.
  • Strong candidates are students who can articulate previous research experience.
  • Students can receive Continuing Researchers Support once for the summer and once for the school year. 
  • Faculty must be in the College of Agricultural Sciences or a partner program. New faculty, in their first two years at OSU, are encouraged to submit a proposal for funding and will be given preference.
  • Preference will be given to College of Agricultural Sciences students working with CAS faculty, however students outside of the College working with CAS faculty are also eligible to apply.

For questions and information, contact:

Rachel Jones, CAS Student Engagement Coordinator