Clubs & Orgs

Get the most out of your experience by getting involved!

The College of Agricultural Sciences has dozens of clubs and activities that will help you find communities related to your interests, explore topics completely new to you, make contacts to find internships and jobs after graduation, and have a ton of fun along the way. Check out the options and opportunities below. 


College of Agricultural Science Student Clubs & Organizations

Click above to see active clubs and contact information for the many student clubs within the College of Agricultural Sciences. Any student can join regardless of major. All are welcome!

*Check out this video to learn about opportunities for Ecampus students to get involved in clubs.

CAS Club Leadership Team

The CAS Club Leadership Team serves as a lead and promotional body for student clubs and organizations within the College. CLT members are selected through an application and interview process conducted by a committee of peers and the advisor in order to achieve the goals of the College and its constituents; to facilitate professional development, camaraderie, and communication; to promote student activities and events; and to provide resources and opportunities for all CAS students to connect with opportunities and fully engage in the CAS community. Such activities create an environment to foster student and group exploration in the world of agricultural sciences and to engage them in a meaningful college experience at Oregon State University.

College of Agricultural Sciences Ambassadors

Would you enjoy developing and enhancing your public speaking, time management skills, individual and group dynamics while engaging in activities that promote the College of Agricultural Sciences? You can develop these skills, prepare for student and pre-professional success, and enjoy doing so with several other students by becoming an Ambassador.

Ambassadors have the opportunity to attend on and off-campus recruiting events; make presentations; attend professional conferences, stakeholder events; engage in the marketing and promotion efforts; and host students and parents to campus. As an Ambassador, you are able to meet and make valuable relationships with students, alumni, and staff throughout Oregon State University.

OSU Student Clubs

List of all the student organizations who are recognized by OSU.