2022 Research Poster - Beginning Researchers Support Program

Gerard Fox

Effects of Sulfur Fertilizer Application Timing on Sulfate Availability in Two Oregon Soil Types

Spencer Mitchell

Examining Biocontrol potential of native entomopathogenic nematodes

Kai O'Leary

Coupling ecosystem structure to habitat microclimate through GEDI derived canopy water storage estimates


Addison Jennings

Effects of temperature on strawberry sweetness - exploring one measure of fruit quality outside of the standard growing season

Cayla Rosene

Do thiamin biosynthesis proteins modulate plant defense independently of thiamin?

Kate Howe

Characterization of potato plants overexpressing a non-specific lipid transfer protein

Shannon Niel

Anatomical partitioning of 13C-labelled barley (Hordeum vulgare) for smoke impacted wine tracking

Victoria Koyner

Impact of storage time after brewing and thermos material to coffee sensory perception

Victoria Koyner

Determination of the compounds causing the floral aroma in Panama Geisha coffee

Finnley Griffin

Determination of smoke compounds in wine grapes following smoke events