Award Winners Registry: Savery Outstanding Young Faculty Award

1994 Joseph McGuire Bioresource Engineering
1995 Kenneth B. Johnson Botany and Plant Pathology
1996 Gregory Perry Agricultural and Resource Economics
1997 Janine Trempy Microbiology
1998 Martin Fitzpatrick Fisheries and Wildlife
1999 Jennifer Field Environmental and Molecular Toxicology
2000 Anthony T. Vella Microbiology
2001 Timothy DelCurto Animal Sciences
2002 JunJie Wu Agricultural and Resource Economics
2003 Selina Heppell Fisheries and Wildlife
2004 Oscar Riera-Lizarazu Crop and Soil Science
2005 Douglas Robinson Fisheries and Wildlife
2006 Staci Simonich Environmental and Molecular Toxicology
2007 Silvia Rondon Crop and Soil Science
2008 Vaughn Walton Horticulture Department
2009 Thorsten Egelkraut Agricultural and Resource Economics
2010 Patricia Skinkis Horticulture
2011 Clinton Epps Fisheries and Wildlife
2012 Brian Sidlauskas Fisheries and Wildlife
2013 Ryan Contreras Horticulture
2014 Stacey Harper Environmental and Molecular Toxicology
2015 Ramesh Sagili Horticulture
2016 David Lewis Applied Economics
2017 Taal Levi Fisheries and Wildlife
2018 Chad Higgins Biological and Ecological Engineering
2019-2020 Ivan Arismendi Fisheries and Wildlife
2021 Jeff Anderson Botany and Plant Pathology
2022 Elizabeth Tomasino Food Science and Technology/Oregon Wine Research Institute
2023 Alec Kowalewski Horticulture
2024 Mauricio Cantor Marine Mammal Institute/Fisheries, Wildlife, and  Conservation Sciences