Award Winners Registry: James and Mildred Oldfield/E.R. Jackman Team Award

1994 Eastern Filbert Blight Research and Extension Team
1995 The Collaborative and Participatory (CLP) Team
1996 Pacific Whiting Research Team
1997 Oregon State University Dairy Team
1998 Barley Stripe Rust Team
1999 Salmon In Oregon Project
2000 The Incredible Egg 4-H Classroom Curriculum Guide and School Enrichment Project
2001 Pacific Northwest Ecosystem Research Consortium
2002 The Loop Analysis Group
2003 Natural History Discovery Days (Museum Days)
2004 The Klamath Project
2005 Newberg Pool
2006 Operational Committee of the Rural Science Education Program
2007 Potato Tuberworm Team
2008 OSPUD - Organic Potato Project
2009 Collaborative Research for Oregon Ocean Salmon (CROOS Project) -Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station
2010 Oregon Cereal Leaf Beetle Team, Crop and Soil Sciences
2011 “eOrganic” Team-Horticulture
2012 Zumwalt Prairie Food Web Research Team
2013 Team Drosophila
2014 OSU Small Farms Program
2015 OSU Superfund Research Program: “PAHs: New Technologies and Emerging Health Threats”
2016 Digital Measures Team (Diana Anderson, Linda Brewer, Elissa Coutin, Lucas Turpin,  Olympia Vanderwall)
2017 National Pesticide Information Center, Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology
2018 Not awarded in 2018
2019-2020 Not awarded in 2019
2021 BUILD Team (Sheri Cole, Food Science and Technology; Chris Curtin, Food Science and Technology; David Dallas, Nutrition; Hadi Eshpari, Food Science and Technology; Robin Frojen, Food Science and Technology; Juyun Lim, Food Science and Technology; Si Hong Park, Food Science and Technology; Michael Qian, Food Science and Technology; Nadia Streletskaya, Applied Economics; Joy Waite-Cusic, Food Science and Technology)
2021 COVID Wastewater Project Team (Jennifer Allen, Fisheries and Wildlife; Tiffany Garcia, Fisheries and Wildlife; Savanah Leidholt, Microbiology; Taal Levi, Fisheries and Wildlife; Adriana Messyasz, Microbiology; Rebecca Vega Thurber, Microbiology)

Wheat Team (Chris Mundt, Botany and Plant Pathology; Christina Hagerty, Botany and Plant Pathology/Columbia Basin Agricultural Research Center; Robert Zemetra, Crop and Soil Science)

2023 Oregon Integrated Pest Management Center (OIPMC)
2024 National Pesticide Information Center