Award Winners Registry: F.E. Price/Agricultural Research Foundation Award for Excellence in Student Advising and Counseling

1994 Michael H. Penner Food Science and Technology
1995 Diane J. Carroll Animal Sciences
1996 Paul Doescher Rangeland Resources
1997 Charlotte Vickers Fisheries and Wildlife
1999 Thomas Savage Animal Sciences
2001 Nan Scott Crop and Soil Science
2002 Rebecca Goggans Fisheries and Wildlife
2003 Dodi Reesman Animal Sciences
2004 Greg Thompson Agricultural Education and General Agriculture
2005 Wanda Crannell CAS Academic Programs
2006 Tjodie Richardson Agricultural and Resource Economics
2007 Peggy Mullett Crop and Soil Science
2008 Nancy Allen Fisheries and Wildlife
2009 Dan Smith Food Science and Technology
2011 Selina Heppell Fisheries and Wildlife
2012 Wanda Crannell CAS Academic Programs Office
2013 Danielle Jarkowsky Fisheries and Wildlife
2014 Dodi Reesman Animal and Rangeland Sciences
2015 Melanie Jones Agricultural Education and Agricultural Sciences
2016 Kelly Donegan Crop and Soil Sciences, Horticulture
2017 Chad Mueller OSU Agriculture and Natural Resource Program, Eastern Oregon University
2018 Susie Dunham Fisheries and Wildlife
2019-2020 Elizabeth Kelly Fisheries and Wildlife
2021 Marc Curtis Botany and Plant Pathology
2022 Dawn Moyer Agricultural Education and Agricultural Sciences