Two Doors

Oil on Canvas
Neal Philpott
College of Agricultural Sciences, Dean's Office, 430 Strand Hall, OSU Corvallis, OR.
15” x 16”
Dean and Director, College of Agricultural Sciences and Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station, Kaseberg, OSU President, and OSU Extension Director 2016 Purchase Awards, sponsored by Dan and Wanda Arp, Larry and Sherry Kaseberg, Ed Ray, and Scott Reed.

Artist Statement:

      "My paintings are real scenes of my world. I paint landscape as a way to preserve or recall how a transitory slant of light can transform an everyday view into something special. I try to capture how light enlivened these scenes and made them transcendent for a brief moment. I see myself as a record keeper of a specific place and a specific time—the views I capture change immediately and will never be repeated. Capturing a momentary scene in paint saves that moment for me. As a viewer, I become part of the painting when I recall my initial visceral reaction to the scene. My reward for my efforts is watching how overlapping patterns of texture and color come together to capture the whole."

                        Neal Philpott, 2016