spring run, fish rise

spring run, fish rise by Sara Siestreem
Painting: Acrylic and Graphite on Rives BFK
Sara Siestreem
Columbia Gorge Food Bank, Portland, Oregon
35.5" x 25.75"
Margaret Hogg Memorial Art About Agriculture, F. E. Clark Northwest Environmental, and Kelly Streit Gift, 2016 Purchase Awards, sponsored by the late Margaret Hogg, the Curtis family, Kelly Streit, and the OSU College of Agricultural Sciences.

Artist Statement: 

      "I am a Hanis Coos multimedia artist."


      "I make abstract paintings. My painting process is based on observations of Nature combined with a formal structure and improvisational practice.

      "I recognize that Nature generates new life through rhythmic cycles of elemental interaction. I see this in biologic cycles, geologic and hydrodynamic events, and in the astronomic elements that affect the seasons.

      "My second observation of Nature is that basic designs repeat themselves from one form to the next structurally: matter organized itself in predictable and repetitive ways.

      "Informed by the first observation, I follow a formal structure in my painting practice. I combine color field painting, gesture drawing, and color theory. These three elements represent a natural system, a rhythmic cycle.

      "Through combining these elements, I am seeking my second observation. As I create a visual noise through this improvisation I am looking for basic forms from nature to emerge. When something elemental shows itself to me, I refine the picture plane to support that event.

      "My hope is that in the same way we receive an energetic charge from contact with the Land, other animals or a natural event, these paintings will affect the viewer."

                        Susan Siestreem, 2016