Boston Mill, Shedd, OR

Photograph: Platinum/Palladium Print
Rich Bergeman
Vault, 248 Strand Hall, OSU Corvallis, OR.
8" x 10"
2003 Northwest Environmental Award Purchase, sponsored by the Larry Curtis family and the College of Agricultural Sciences.

Artist Statement:

      "I have been photographing for nearly 20 years now, and when I look back over my work I can see that I have a powerful preoccupation with the melancholy of the vanished past. This is not something I set out to find or create-rather, my intention has always been to let places and things persuade me to photograph them. In the process, it seems I've proven myself a sucker from things abandon, lost or forgotten.

      "I use large format cameras, and I find that I am always pointing them backward, looking for inspiration in places that put me in touch with the passage of time. I have photographed inside abandon hotels and other buildings of yesteryear, mostly in Oregon. My current project is a collection of views along the Coast Range Rivers, from the tidewaters to the sea, that is a kind of quiet contemplation of time's journey along these fading waterways to the Pacific."

                        Rich Bergeman, 2003