Kristie (Johnson) Potwora
Environmental and Molecular Toxicology, 1007 Agriculture and Life Sciences Building, OSU Corvallis, OR.
25” x 17.75”
2003 Capital Press and Paul Lamb and Reese Lamb Art About Agriculture Purchase Awards, sponsored by Mike O’Brian, the Lamb Foundation, and the College of Agricultural Sciences.

Artist Statement:

      "My artwork is simultaneously spontaneous and thought out. With each print, I often learn more about myself as a person, and as an artist. Currently my prints are a blending of images found in the rich forests of the Pacific Northwest with memories and impressions from childhood. As our world continues to change and the pace of human living increases, we often find ourselves passing by the gentle surprise and awe that a mushroom, spider, or even a banana slug can bring. Through the layering of printmaking, I attempt to investigate and render the biological as well as the possible psychological impact that these forests and living things have had on my own life. It is an attempt to explore the age-old questions: Where do we fit in this web of the natural world? Are we really so different, after all? And, of course, If a tree falls in the forest…

      "It is my hope that by creating these images, the viewer will find beauty in the environmental structure of life in balance, and solace in slowing down, if only for a moment."

                        Kristie (Johnson) Potwora