From “Flower” to Food

Drawing: Oil Bar
Susan S. Johnson
North Willamette Research and Extension Center, Lobby, Aurora, OR.
29.5” x 18.5”
2000 Jurors’ Poster Purchase Award, sponsored by the College of Agricultural Sciences.

Artist Statement:

      "In 1994 I discovered Oilbars, an oil paint stick with which I began to draw abstracted images of Nature. My cabbage drawings/paintings stem from a visit to a local vegetable garden. Oil bar was my main media and Nature my main subject matter until I retired from my 20-year participation in Portland’s Waterstone Gallery, in 2014.

      "Much of my work since 2014 has been collages created from scraps of discarded pieces of oil paint stick on museum board. When I am drawing/painting with Oilbars I start with a preplanned drawing often inspired by a photograph I have take of Oregon’s natural world. But with the collages the end result is completely unknown. I begin with an interesting shape and color and then add other scraps that seem to relate to the first shape. Sometimes the first shape is eventually discarded. Gluing begins when I am satisfied with the arrangement of the collaged pieces. Often there is a hint of landscape in the finished product.”

                        Susan Johnson, May 2016