2007-2008 Ambassadors

Nichole Cespedes and Meghan Biggs

Nichole Cespedes
Senior from Austin, Texas
Bioresource Research

I transferred to Oregon State University after spending my first year of college at a small liberal arts school in Virginia, and I have never regretted my decision. I wanted to attend a school known for its strong academic programs, leadership in research, and opportunities for students to excel. I have gotten all that and more at OSU. I have taken classes that challenge me academically while still getting the support and smaller class sizes available through the Honors College and College of Agricultural Sciences. As an intern with the Environmental Protection Agency and a lab assistant in an oceanography lab, I can say that students are definitely encouraged to get involved with numerous research projects and explore various career paths at the university. There are so many opportunities for students to get involved in Nichole and Meganclubs and activities. I am so happy with my decision to attend OSU, and I am honored to represent the College of Agricultural Sciences as an Ambassador.

Meghan Biggs
Senior from Malin, Oregon
Animal Sciences & General Agriculture 

Since Oregon State University has been my fourth college in three years, it is a relief to be able to say that I have finally found my home!  I started out at a community college playing basketball, and then changed schools because of family issues, so I was leery of switching schools again, especially to one as large as Oregon State University.  However, OSU has disproved every stereotype I had about larger universities.  I am still able to have that one-on-one relationship with my professors that I loved at the smaller colleges.  I have not only met a lot new people, but I was also able to make friends easily, just like I had at the smaller schools.  Attending OSU has also allowed me to get so much more involved with clubs and activities than I was at the other schools I attended.  I really feel like there’s something for everyone here.  The College of Agricultural Sciences has also broadened my future career opportunities by helping me add on another major within the College.  It is amazing how tightly woven all the departments are within the College of Agricultural Sciences.  I am so glad I decided to finish my degrees at OSU! 

Ariel Winegar and Sara Livesay

Ariel Winegar
Senior from Prairie City, Oregon
Agriculture Business Management

My experiences as an Oregon State University student have been extraordinary. Being a transfer student, I have had a very different undergraduate experience than a lot of students. Oregon State’s exceptional faculty partnered with endless opportunities for growth has helped me to realize myAriel and Sara full potential as a student. I now know why Oregon State University was my primary choice when I was looking to transfer schools. I look forward to discussing with others how Oregon State can best fit into their lives.

Sara Livesay
Junior from Corvallis, Oregon
Animal Sciences

My affiliation with OSU began as a child growing up in Corvallis. Throughout my childhood, I visited the OSU lambing barns, attended gymnastics meets, and spent hours in the children’s section of the OSU bookstore.  As a beaver believer from the beginning, my interest in veterinary medicine furthered my desire to attend college at Oregon State University.  At first, I was hesitant to stay in my hometown, but as soon as I started my education, I realized the many opportunities that Oregon State University has to offer. I found myself surrounded by students from all fifty states and ninety-three different countries, and suddenly my hometown became a completely new environment. I quickly made friends through my residence hall and department. The College of Agriculture gave me a place to experience academic excellence, leadership opportunities, and involvement in some of the thirty clubs available to students. My experience at OSU has given me a new perspective on my hometown, which I will take with me as I complete my college years and move to the next phase of my life as a veterinarian.

Amanda Owen and Ben Ramirez

Amanda Owen
Senior from St. Paul, Oregon
General Agriculture

From the first time I stepped onto the Oregon State University campus, I have felt at home here. I have always known that Oregon State University and the college of Agricultural Sciences was the place for me—although I didn’t realize how right I was until I got here and began to experience all that OSU has to offer. From the knowledge I have gained from my professors both inside and outside of the classroom to the extracurricular activities I haveAmanda and Ben participated in, I have truly experienced my education “hands on.”  I feel confident that OSU has given me the tools I need to succeed both inside and outside of the class room for years to come. 

Ben Ramirez
Junior from Mountain View, Wyoming
Fisheries and Wildlife  

I attended high school in Mountain View, Wyoming, which is nestled close to the Wasatch and Uintah mountains.  In Wyoming, I spent of my days outside exploring nature, but not giving much thought to how I might be able to turn this interest into a career. After moving to Oregon, I attended Lane Community College and was soon directed to Oregon State University for their highly regarded program in Fisheries and Wildlife.  Upon beginning classes at OSU, I realized just how closely the school and community here align with my interests and goals. The students and the faculty at OSU are outstanding and really personable.  I felt at home from the moment I started courses here, and soon realized how many opportunities exist for involvement in the college.  I am proud to be part of a college that is among the top in scientific research and has nationally recognized programs.  But more importantly, I love that OSU seems to bring out the best in people.  I look forward to combining my education and experiences at OSU into a career that will help me make a valuable contribution to the natural world. 

Shiann Ashenbrenner and Jon Iverson

Shiann Ashenbrenner
Junior from Monroe, Oregon
Agriculture Business Management 

When it came time to decide where to attend college during my senior year, I was at an impasse.  I could not decide if I was ready to be displaced from my small, community high school of 130 kids to a much larger institution, such as Oregon State.  Although I knew I might need to leave in order to pursue my goals in Agriculture Business Management, I wasn’t sure I was ready.  I compromised and decided to dual-enroll in Oregon State University and Linn-BentonCommunity College.  This unique experience gave me the best of both worlds, and I began to realize the doubts I had about the transition were very superficial.  With the excellent advising staff, personable teaching faculty, and myriad of student involvement activities, the College of Agricultural Sciences is like a small community, encouraging me to pursue my goals and achieve success.  I love the College of Agricultural Sciences because it allows students to feel like they belong to a small school, yet has all the benefits of a large university.  Looking back, I am so glad I chose to Shiann and Jonattend OSU and I feel that I am being given all the tools I need to succeed in the future.



Jon Iverson
Senior from Woodburn, Oregon
Crop and Soil Science

Growing up on a farm outside of Woodburn, I always knew I wanted to pursue a career in Agriculture.  Naturally, when I was looking at colleges, Oregon State University quickly became my school of choice.  There are so many majors and options here, and the advisors are great.  They made it easy for me to find the program that was right for me and made sure I was able to complete my degree in four years, which was important to me.  Outside of class, I have been part of the soil judging team and the crops club.  These organizations have allowed me to travel, meet people with similar interests, and learn about a subject I love.  Being part of the College of Agricultural Sciences has been a great experience--I have gained valuable skills and have made connections that I will maintain for the rest of my life. 


Braden Groth and Vananh Nguyen

Braden Groth
Junior from Glide, Oregon
General Agriculture 

The colors black and orange have been in my blood as far back as I can recall.  I grew up with a strong background in forestry, agriculture, and natural resources, so choosing Oregon State University simply made sense--although it wasn’t until I became a student here that I realized the endless opportunities available at OSU!  Oregon State has allowed me to receive a high-quality education, connect with new friends and faculty on a professional and social level, and gain the skills that I need for my future career in Agriculture Education.  If there is one aspect of Oregon State University that motivates me to continue to pursue higher education here, it would be the faculty.  You will never meet another group of people that cares so much about a Braden and Vananhstudent’s life and education--almost as much as the student does!  When you have faculty and staff that are so dedicated, there is nowhere to go but up!

Vananh Nguyen
Junior from Saigon, Vietnam/Portland, OR
Bioresource Research 

From the moment I stepped onto the Oregon State University campus, it felt like coming home. Not only had the beautiful campus captivated my heart, but the wide range of academic programs made me believe that I could find the perfect program for my interests. OSU is the only college in the nation to offer Bioresource Research (BRR), a comprehensive undergraduate research program. The exceptional BRR curriculum and wonderful advising provides students with endless opportunities for success. Whether you are interested in medical research, veterinary medicine, or other biologically based professions, BRR will prepare you to move into the career of your choice. OSU is more than just an outstanding research university; there are also various clubs, organizations and campus activities that will fit any student’s individual interests. The time I am spending at OSU is by far the most unforgettable time of my life. I will always carry the skills, knowledge, experiences and wonderful memories I’ve gained at OSU throughout the rest of my life.  


 Sarah Noelle and G. Wade Stringham

Sarah Noelle
Senior from Central Point, Oregon
Rangeland Ecology and Management 

From the time I was a young child, I was always certain that I would be an OSU student.  I grew up with a love of agriculture, animals and the outdoors—which made Oregon State University the logical choice for me.  I love the fact that Corvallis is so similar to my hometown while offering the opportunities and benefits of a larger university.  I am able to maintain my active lifestyle through a variety of on and off campus activitieSarah and Wades that enhance my experience here at school.  OSU and the College of Agricultural Sciences have given me the tools I need to succeed in my chosen career—and many friends and memories that will last a lifetime.


 G. Wade Stringham
Junior from Philomath, OR
Forest Operations Management

area in 1991, I have always felt a strong connection to OSU and knew that I wanted to attend college here.Since moving to the Corvallis  OSU and the College of Forestry provide so many opportunities for involvement that I knew I would never get bored or run out of things to do!   Additionally, I knew that OSU had one of the top Forestry programs in the nation, so academically I felt I would be getting a world-class education.  Through college activities and organizations, I have found a community of educators and students dedicated to learning and gaining real-life experience in our field.  Also, my involvement in the Greek community has allowed me to meet new people and make connections that will last a lifetime.  My time at OSU has definitely made me a lifetime Beaver Believer!


Jeff Sherman and Keri Sadler

Jeff Sherman
Junior from Baker City, Oregon
Agriculture Business Management

Growing up on a ranch in the Baker Valley of Northeastern Oregon, I have always known that I would go to Oregon State University to study agriculture. The College of Agricultural Sciences and the OSU campus have opened up many opportunities for me to become involved in clubs, organizations, and the GreekKeri and Jeff community. The skills I have acquired and the friends I’ve made at Oregon State will stick with me for the rest of my life.  I have loved every moment at OSU and am excited for my last year here! 

Keri Sadler
Junior from Portland, Oregon
Forest Management

After I decided to return to college to pursue a new career in forestry, I was bombarded with advice from friends and acquaintances to go to OSU because “they have the best forestry college in the country.”  I knew that returning to college as a non-traditional student would be a challenge, but after attending my first term at OSU’s College of Forestry, I realized that many of my fears were unwarranted. The advisors, faculty and staff at the College of Forestry are very supportive and encouraging, and they are dedicated to making sure that you get the best education possible and the best job opportunities possible. The diverse resources and opportunities to learn and get involved with the college community at OSU are endless. I know that OSU was the right college choice for me and truly feel that at OSU, the possibilities for growth are endless.


Brittany Taylor and Wade Foster

Brittany Taylor
Senior from Olympia, Washington
Forest Management

My decision to pursue forestry management as a career led me to transfer to Oregon State University mid-way through my college education.  The Forestry Department at OSU has an excellent reputation with employers in the industry because of all the exceptional programs it offers.  I have enjoyed the small classes, faculty dedication, and hands on experience available in my program.  By using the resources available to me through the College of Forestry, I have been offered an internship with Rayonier, Inc.  This internship will add to my forestry experience and provide me with hands-on experience in my field.  I have enjoyed having all the benefits of a small college while also experiencing the sporting events, clubs, and intramural Brittany and Wadesports teams of a large university.  And, most importantly, I feel that my experience at OSU has made me well-prepared for a career when I graduate.


Wade Foster
Junior from Lakeview, Oregon
Environmental Economic, Policy, and Management

When I first started at OSU, I planned on finishing only the most basic requirements for my degree in order to have plenty of time to relax and hang out with friends.  As I became aware of all of the opportunities there are as a student at OSU and in the College of Agricultural Sciences, I realized just how wrong I had been about my desire for downtime.  Whether it’s lobby for student funding in Washington DC, serving on the ASOSU Undergraduate Senate, or barbequing with the Collegiate FFA, I have realized the value of becoming involved on campus and making sure that the student voice is heard in government.  Through my involvement in these organizations, I have met new people and gained valuable experience that has helped shape what I want to do in my future career.