Faculty Instructions and Proposal Form

BES Faculty Project Proposal Form Due Sunday February 23, 2020

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Branch Experiment Station Undergraduate Research Program

Faculty proposal form DUE February 23, 2020.

SUBMIT ONLINE ONLY - Submissions must be made through this website


The BES Research Internship is designed to be independent research work experience for the student. The goal and purpose of this program is for students to:

  • learn about agricultural, food system, and natural resource issues across Oregon
  • participate in an ongoing research project and in BES activities
  • learn about the role of Agricultural Experiment Stations in their communities
  • become familiar with career opportunities throughout the BES system


  • Student are eligible for more than one BES Internship, HOWEVER they may not repeat an internship location or faculty mentor.
  • As per HR policies, student eligibility will be clearly stated so as NOT to include students graduating before the end of their internship period. These “students” are no longer considered students by the University and cannot be hired as student labor. For example students would NOT be eligible for a summer position concluding in August if they plan to graduate the Fall/Winter/Spring terms of that academic year. Students who will be graduating Summer term, and are registered for summer credits will be limited to 20 hours per week as per OSU policy. A student who will be returning Fall term and is preregistered for courses is eligible.


  • Term best suited for the project - Students may opt to participate in this program any term. Please indicate the term that is best suited for the project. If multiple terms are suitable, then check all terms that are possible.

  • Pay & Work Information - Hourly pay and hours per week expected.

  • Short description of the project - We require that the faculty provide a short description of the project with which the student’s work will be affiliated.

  • Description of responsibilities - A more specific description of what the student's day-to-day work responsibilities will be.

  • Preferred skill set and/or experience level - You may NOT include specific course requirements as prerequisites to the positions.

  • Project objectives - Describe the project objectives in order to help students understand what they will be expected to do at the facility.

  • Learning outcomes - What can the student expect to learn from this experience? Include a description of skills and knowledge to be acquired.

  • Helpful Tips

    Please thoroughly read the BES webpage for information regarding project funding.

    This program is open to any undergraduate student currently enrolled at OSU. It is not necessary for the student to be in an agricultural field of study.

    Your proposal writing should be tailored towards lower division comprehension as student applicants may have varying levels of experience with research. Please avoid jargon as much as possible.

  • Transcripts will NOT be shared with faculty before or during the selction process.


Date and Time :TBA
Two orientation sesions will be scheduled for all students selected in this process. Participating faculty will also be invited to attend the student oreintation to help answer questions and provide valuable insight to the students.   For those off campus participants, a video bridge will be established.  

This information session will also be recorded and available for those not able to attend. 

Questions?  Contact Christina Walsh at 541-737-2580 or christina.walsh@oregonstate.edu


  • Each funded proposal will be given $2500 towards support of each student. Support is provided at the completion of the projects period.
  • Unit matching $2500 requirement. Matching funds to include salary (must account for at least 50% of Unit matching funds), housing, and personal materials supplied for and kept by the student (may not exceed $300; no travel expenses). You must provide evidence of matching through your AMBC contact.
  • You will need to indicate hourly salary and housing benefit (if any) in your proposal.

For questions and information contact:

Christina Walsh

Faculty mentor instructions and form. DUE February 23, 2020

SUBMIT ONLINE ONLY - Submissions must be made through this website